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5 Tips for Cheap Travel through Europe

Posted on January 3, 2013

While Backpacking through Europe, this is how I kept my budget down.

1. Use miles to fly. This literally saves hundreds of dollars.

2. Plan most of your schedule a head of time with booked hostels/hotels. This is also so you can book air travel or trains ahead of time and avoid VERY high reservation fees.

3. Eat dinner’s at the supermarket. This is also how I lost weight. Budget for a few meals here and there at a restaurante, but to save I would usually buy tuna, veggies and carbs at a market. Gelato was also a cheap gift I gave myself often.

4. You cannot avoid the high price of museums. Budget for them. In France you can but a pass to last 2,3 or 4 days to save on entry fees. It’s well worth it.

5. If you really need to save money, book a hostel or hotel right out of town. They often have bus service into the major city you wish to travel too. The one I went to in Italy was full of only Italians, however, and I was alone with no one to speak to. I did find a few English speakers by the end, but this was a nice vacation from backpacking, so to speak. Remember, always keep your valuables with you.

The best hostels I stayed at were “plus” hostels: Plus Hostels

Best of travels!


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