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Ang Lee’s Success – Life of Pi

If you haven’t seen Life of Pi yet, I recommend dropping everything you have including this blog, and GO. It was truly incredible. The visual effects, the story, the actors — and yes, I cried. This post brings me even … Continue reading

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GIRLS. The episode.

Yes, we are all talking about GIRLS. I love this show. At times it makes me cringe, close my eyes or even gag. I see its value. Life is hard. But GIRLS also is one of the only shows I can … Continue reading

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Left in the Dark in Zero Dark Thirty.

Well. I thought I was a good movie critic…but then I checked on rotten tomatoes and it revealed that Zero Dark Thirty rated around 95%. It’s not that it was a bad movie…it just wasn’t all it was made out to … Continue reading

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“A Delicate Moment of it’s Own Detachment..”

Last night I watched the film, Detachment, with Adrian Brody. What I took away from the film was a deeper understanding of myself. On the surface, the movie is about a man with a broken past working as a sub … Continue reading

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