About Abbie

“Break My Branches/ Saw Me Into Bits/ The Birds Will Still Sing/ In My Roots.” – Anise Koltz

DSC_7979fAbbie is an aspiring photographer, poet, writer, social worker, and human being. She created this blog to show the world her photos and share her thoughts. Most importantly however, she hopes to explore ideas and share images that people can learn from and find comfort in.

She hopes to one day be a published author, successful photographer and a kind clinician working with those in need. Most of all, she hopes to be happy and remain down to earth, kind, and represent humanity at its best.

Everything posted is copyright (C) Abbie Wasserman.

12 Responses to About Abbie

  1. Neutral Zone says:

    Hi Abbie, I enjoyed the blog. Would you ever want to contribute to another site as well? You would fit in with us at broodsugar.com and it would be a good way to get more exposure for your blog. Let me know if you are interested at rapideye.media@yahoo.com

  2. Bhutangirl says:

    Thanks for checking my blog and following Abbie. nice pictures of trees.. I see you like trees like i do Clouds 😉

  3. Viola Lilac Indue says:

    Hey, I just wanted you to know that I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    I’m looking forward to reading more posts!

  4. love your blog, Abbie

  5. andrew goldsmith says:

    my wife and i (also kosher) are going on the breakaway aug 4- can you give more details on whats kosher? hwo do the meals work? if there a choice?

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