Twenty Seven Years

At 11:21 — I turn 27.

As I get older, I remember how far we have come. I still say we, Annie.

Heartbreaks, struggles, friendships, life, travels near and far, bad choices, saying the wrong things, regret, joy, love, emotion, hurt, pain, being a role model, needing a role model, embarrassment, skinny, fat, car accidents, parties, flirting, dancing, dancing, hugs, tears, untethered emotions, laughter, struggle, money, boredom, trouble, traffic, honesty, truth, lies, self-hate, self-love, ache, choices, choices…confusion. Living and reliving every painfuljoy of every fleeting moment…Wishing some would linger and some would vanish forever.

It’s all apart of life. Some of my memories are hard and difficult, but now I am so happy it happened. It’s apart of me.

Relationships. Our lives are made up of experiences with one another, and with ourselves. We live in world of relationships. Hasn’t facebook proved that for us?

So be kind to yourself. And to those around you.

It’s harder said then done when I myself am my own worst critic. I hate to see myself grow old — as I am trying to embrace it. How do we come to terms with time travel — moving forward…and change? Self-honesty, self awareness. Everything I have, is built on my relationships and my past. Everyday we must learn to love ourselves..

At the end of each year, we grow older, we grow taller, and we never stay the same.

Life is….




And I say this while posting two photos of myself that I like…I should show you the less flattering ones…


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