Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my father’s birthday and the end of year 2013. Pretty “rad,” as he might say.

califedited-35As he is a writer himself this is my gift to him! While it’s not published in the Huffington Post or New York Times like his articles, this is my Ode to Harvey. Thank G-d he is alive and well, but this is for him! We often write about those who are gone. But let’s celebrate this man!

Harvey Wasserman was born in 1945. That year to me symbolizes the end of a war and beginning of a future for so many people. I always wonder what it was like after the war ended. You lived through the 60s and spoke at Woodstock. How cool. His life consisted of ACTUAL movement. The Beatles. FBI Raids. Communes, farms, Ben and Jerry’s, MUSE concerts, tearing down power plants. Hugging trees, yes, we did. With a bracha (prayer) 🙂

Back to the topic at hand. If you have ever met my father you might be left with a hug, some food and some extra historical knowledge. Most of all he would leave you with an affirmation of how great you were and what good things people are doing for the world that is crumbling around us.

We are so proud of our father who is saving the world with merely words. Who writes what he believes in. He always says “Hello,” to everyone he passes on the street. My father always recycles and tries to savior everything the world will have for his future generations and THE future of the humans for years to come.

My father is a hero. What would he want for his birthday? Nothing. Maybe some salad. The end to world hunger, and the end of nuclear power. Just for you to be happy.

I know he says that my 4 sisters and I make him proud but we know we are so proud to be his daughters. He stays up night after night editing his articles that will reach so many people and perhaps, just maybe — change their view and open their eyes. Slowly but surely. He speaks without embarrassment and he has pure chutzpah to know what’s right and to say it out LOUD. Oh yeah — and he takes us to his classes to learn our Bill of Rights. He let us travel the world. He encourages us to live as we wish. He got hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition to shut down Fukushima! And he does not get paid for this…

Everyone always asks me what it was like to have a hippy dad. A Buddhist dad. A famous father. Well, let’s just say we are all pretty well rounded and have been to many types of farms, museums and beaches in our day. And gave us a pretty awesome childhood. And we have met and know pretty awesome people…

I attribute my devotion to people and doing what’s right to you, Dad, and my Mom. You are two very honest and good people who go above and beyond to remain that way.

For your birthday we should all do three things today while Celebrating the New Year and in year 2014 for that matter.

1. Remember to turn off the light if we are not using them.

2. Say hi to a stranger on the street.

3. If something upsets you, if you find something worth fighting for… stand up and fight!

One person can make a world of difference and he is living proof..

What will you do in 2014?

Happy Birthday Dad! I think you turn 68 today.








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One Response to Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. annie says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!! LOVE YOU ABBIE AND DADDY WASSERMAN FAMILY!

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