Haunted Summers

Some things will always haunt you.

No matter where you run, no matter how tight you close your eyes. The pain throbs on…

This is one of my first summers I am doing what I love. Photography.

I feel its a brilliant mix of social work and art, the creative side of me and the helping, healing, people pleasing side. I really love it and I hope to give people pictures they love too.

But summer always brings memories. Some good, some bad. Many troubled. In my adolescence I feel I made myself love summer at camp. But looking back I sort of hated it. I of course may be remembering all the bad parts. The tears, the inside pain, the mean boys and girls. I think however, I was considered “popular,” but now all I remember is confusion which leads me to regret my time there. I had love. I had secret love. I had shame. I undoubtedly grew in my time there…but at what cost? I made friends who are like sisters and brothers to me..but I also created scabs and wounds which are sensitive to the touch.

Who would I be without the 10 summers I spent there?

I try not to look into the past but sometimes it comes to haunt us. Because in all honesty our past is who we are. Our roots..


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