The Truth…

There are always things that will come up but sometimes you just got to let the magic happen. In the past — just like in a moment of crisis — things are felt, heard and recognized.

These past few weeks I have been distracted from feeling the magic of blogging so to speak. I have been involved with life (and learning how to use twitter when I am “doing other things”). I want to write. But what happens when you have seemingly said what you needed to say?

Here are some topics that have come up:

Cancer really really sucks.
Because I am surrounded by it I feel it is inevitable against better judgement. I still prepare mentally.
People waiting for me to say I am married because they cannot tell.
People still thinking my hair is a wig (awesome compliment)
Blogs that make you want to punch someone but since you know them you must stay silent.
Ensuring that in your work you do not turn numb or on auto pilot. Every person counts and has their own story.
Family matters are ALWAYS interesting to me I wish I could write more anonymously about them because they apply to everyone…
And the new found pressures of being a photographer. I call myself a photophilosopher.

Also, I constantly wonder if I would be something else without the world of blog, Facebook, etc.

Am I trying to grow and educate others or trying to distract myself with this hobby and self-proclaimed job of sharing what others won’t?

Why do I not value privacy in the way that I should? I have to hold back most of the time. But am I right in thinking that because I am going through something — other people could most likely relate and value my words?

Ay, there’s the rub.



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