The Wounded Healer

photo (3)

This artist, Jackie Pykon, a fellow classmate as well — has embodied what my work means to me in this painting.

We are wounded healers.

We are like two trees, growing….and when we work together and intertwine, we strike gold. We are containers for sadness. Grief. Hardship. Self-esteem. Past struggles and current challenges.

As much as we try and separate ourselves and our lives from that of our clients, and act as a healer…we come out connected.

I believe this picture says it all. We are one tree, they are another. Their pain or struggles affects us, yet we keep growing and standing tall. Next to them. Supporting them. Thinking of them…yet seeing them grow in the distance into the strong and powerful.

They are empowered to stand alone. But we, as helpers, are forever empowered and enlightened by their personalities, their struggles and their stories.


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One Response to The Wounded Healer

  1. Amy says:

    Beautiful! Truly the way I feel about the work that we do.

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