Leaving the Darkness of Grief

Leaving the Darkness

“I did not deny G-d’s existence but I doubted His absolute justice.” – Elie Wiesel, Night

Grief comes in many forms. Breakups, death, ending of jobs, friendships…

You do not have to believe in G-d for this quote to resonate. You can replace G-d with whatever you believe in — the powers that be, the nature of the world, the ebb and flow of what is and should be…

The three stages of grief are 1) shock and numbness, disbelief and disassociation, 2) Suffering and disorganization, and 3) Reorganization. Often, those in crisis mode will not be able to differentiate the journey and process towards the light. One can go back and forth between stages, shifting positions all the while. It looks somewhat like evolution.

If grief is inhibited, we risk disrupting the process needed to work through feelings and emotions that come with loss. There will be no such thing as “getting over it,” it is more like integration and learning how to cope day to day.

How do we surrender, and learn to live in the moment? Our feelings and emotions grab hold of us, often paralyzing our souls.

That is why processing is so important. It’s like physical therapy for a broken leg. It’s how to mend the broken heart.

How do you, or have you coped with loss in your life?


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3 Responses to Leaving the Darkness of Grief

  1. elorayne says:

    This has perfect timing for me right now… Thank you Abbie.

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