Grief is Like Blood.

Grief is to loss, what bleeding is to a wound.

The bleeding allows the wound and the pain to rid itself of harmful things, like bacteria and germs. If it didn’t expel this bad blood, it may immobilize the person. Bleeding is a process, as is grief, which hurts. It can allow for healing.

Do not push yourself to heal. Just like a wound, if you don’t properly let it sit, process and strengthen, it cannot heal. There is no time limit. There are no “shoulds.” Just breathe.

And remember every person heals differently.


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7 Responses to Grief is Like Blood.

  1. INFJoe says:

    Nice. Thank you.

  2. duba says:

    I love it! and sometimes blood clots can form if proper bleeding does not happen, we have to allow people to grieve in their time-such a great point as the new DSM emerges.

  3. elorayne says:

    Wow, beautiful. Thank you for this. I really needed this.

  4. Beautiful post, picture and analogy. Thanks. Just found your blog- I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

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