Give a Dog a Bath…

Samson is an angel. We always say how lucky we were that we got such a good dog who’s not only cute, but also friendly, cuddly, calm and always non-aggressive. He has hair, not fur, which doesn’t shed but needs to be cleaned! I do have one complaint:

He HATES baths. But then, this happened:


and this:


But yes, he hates baths. And my husband has given up on bathing him altogether…The bathroom floor could be covered in the most delicious treats and surprises. But he won’t step foot in there. In fact…he’ll retreat to the farthest corner at the slightest mention or gesture towards the bathroom. It’s been a challenge since we first got the little rat (what they look like in the bath) and it was a two person job and often traumatic for BOTH me, and Samson.

Overtime I have perfected my technique:

Step One: Even though he doesn’t touch the treats, bring lots to the bathroom. Lather them in peanut butter. He (or she) will eat them after. Probably when you’re not looking they will quickly dodge in the bathroom to grab their prize for surviving the terror. Also, go in your bathing suit or birthday suit. Clothes will get very wet.


Step Two: Get a cup of water and shampoo/soap and lather your pup up…outside the bath. This means your floor will get VERY wet, so either cover it with towels or be prepared for cleanup after. Beware, they will shake

Shake it off

Step Three: Have the water in the bath running so he gets used to it. I have one of those extendable shower heads, which is essential to making this a smooth process. Make sure the temperature is lukewarm…colder is better then hot water for your dog.

Getting Cleam

Step Four: Pick up your dog and bring him in with you. I usually sit outside the tub and hold his paws and head to try and calm him down. He will try to escape. I often have to do this twice and assume different positions so he can get cleaned off and NOT hurt himself. I give him a break in the middle and start again. I hold his head and paws up and his feet are in the tub, and I take the shower head and run it all over his body (avoid his head!) till the soap is cleaned out.

(I was alone. No pictures for this part)

Step Five: Give him treats! And dry him off with a towel. He’ll dry over time. I usually take this time to carefully cut away hair that needs trimming. (tail hair that sometimes dips itself in poop. Hair that gets in his eyes.) But be careful that you don’t cut him! Distract him with the treats, and it’s also a good time to brush him.


And…Tada! He’ll hate you for a bit. But then will forget the whole event until next time…

Plus. He’ll sleep like a baby after all that anxious, intense bath time. Oh dear.



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