Life is like a blog post.

Everyday I write more and more in my head. The most fleeting, and probably the most profound writings I’ve had are as I nod off to sleep. There is a continual pull for me to change the world, some way, some how. The brilliant poems I write as dreams take hold, or the novel photographs I create seem brilliant. To reveal my secrets, to reveal my experiences and therefore, enlighten, inspire, and achieve success.

What is success?

As I finish graduate school, about 1 month from today, I wonder as I did when I started. Is this the path I am supposed to take? How do I know its right?

As time crashes in minute after minute like waves on the sand, and my youth seems forever fleeting – how do we take hold of now, and yet continue to grow towards the future?

The hundreds of blog posts I have written are gone. The thoughts come as soon as they take fruition. However, they do leave building blocks for the future. That’s how we must look at choices in life. I often look back and see the paths I’ve taken. I chose not to go to Law School even though I got in. I chose to live in one neighborhood over another. Those choices are big, but who is to say I would have been as happy choosing one over the other?

What is a blog post? And how does it translate as success?

One that leaves an understandable message that can make a difference if not only for a few moments here and there, in someone – strangers and friends alike. It may leave faint pieces of wisdom, insight, reflection or validation.

The mountain we are climbing takes time and patience. In a moment of inspiration, we must remember and hold on to why, who, how and when – in order to keep moving forward to attaining success, and life.

It’s only human to be scared of failure. And to remember that we are only human, with perfect imperfections – keeps us unique and alive.



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4 Responses to Life is like a blog post.

  1. Nice blog. I love the photo!
    Continued success.

  2. elorayne says:

    This is a fantastic post, Abbie. Thank you.

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