The Absence — Passover Fun

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. And it feels good in a way. It’s been Passover, which means a whole lot: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cooking, family, traveling, money spent and more money spent, and no electronics over the holiday.

Which allows time for refreshment, revitalization — and a detox from the internet and everything with it.

Passover also means no bread or foods containing bread. For me, since I am no sefardi since I married a sefardic man, I can eat things my family can’t, like peanuts and peanut butter, beans, corn, rice…among many other different customs as long as it doesn’t have chametz in it (bread remnants…).

I went to California over the holiday, and now I am back in the New York/ New Jersey area since work and other family members beckon. California was amazing with it’s sunny skies and loving family. And my darlingest nephew. It’s good to be back home though. It was hard moving Samson around from place to place (and still to come are the last days of passover).

How do we make the most of these long holidays? They seem to unfortunately drag on, marked by the meals we have and the people we see or naps we take. When it’s a three-day holiday, it’s the worst. But we do it and love doing it….at least we pretend too. I love the family time and being with everyone without the distraction of electronics. However, I go back to work next week and feel as though my vacation has yet to begin.

With great sacrifice, comes great reward. We must remind ourselves..

At least I have matzah and cream cheese to feast on..Image

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