First World Problems


(But problems nonetheless)

I would make these into comics but as you can see my drawing skills are not quite there yet….

1. When it’s cold out in the morning, and you wear UGGS and your tights and a sweatshirt. Then the weather changes and by the end of the day your bathing in sweat.

2. When you gchat, facebook chat or text someone and they answer with no punctuation. Are they mad at you? Too cool for school?

Ex: Me: Hey!
Them: Hey
Me: how are you? Wasn’t last night night fun?
Them: I’m good yeah it was great
Me: thanks so much by the way for helping me out…
Them: no prob

…..what did I do wrong?

3. When you do something nice for someone and they make it seem like they did something nice for you.

4. When someone spells your name wrong on Facebook. Or wherever it’s right in front of them.

Abbie: hey!

Them: hey Abby! Miss you Abbey! Hope all is well Abi!

5. When work is a few miles away, but it takes you over an hour and a half to get there. (then not getting good phone service on the bus or forgetting headphones or standing room only.)

6. When you are rushing to the bus and the “fast” lane on the escalator is blocked with tourists who don’t know to MOVE.

7. When you get to your bus 20 minutes early so you’ll be on time, and it comes 20+ minutes late.

8. When you leave your phone untouched in a different room for like 20 minutes and you have no new notifications/emails/texts/likes.

9. When you try to reach a friend many times and using different varieties of ways and cant. But when they need you they are easily accessible.

10. That BUZZFEED will always make any list I ever make look like poop.

What are some of your first world problems?


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4 Responses to First World Problems

  1. Andrew Ocean says:

    First World Problem: People telling me that too much alcohol or sex isn’t good for me.

  2. elorayne says:

    Lol to # 8!! Thanks Abbie!

  3. Tzvi Feifel says:

    Haha #8 is the best

  4. Viola says:

    Hysterical post! I almost fell out of my chair reading 3 and 4.

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