This week in TV: SMASH, GIRLS, The Following, Bones, 90210.

TV is often a waste of time, but some themes can lead to greater discussion of real themes in everyday life…

The episode of GIRLS this past week hit on a few things that were bothering me about life. I think that GIRLS has an amazing egde — it’s always a different story, new ideas that many of us can relate too…

Marnie becomes flustered by her ex-boyfriend’s success. She comes home angry and Ray, Shoshanna’s boyfriend (for now) asks her what she wants to do RIGHT NOW. And mentions that now’s the time to do it. I think we can all relate to this frustration — where we have everything we need, or so it seems, to succeed. And then we hit a road block of where we think we should be. Usually we feel this way because we compare ourselves to others. Marie says, much to our surprise, that she wants to SING. Ray is shocked, as are we, but then she sings for us and she is quite good. However, I kind of want to see Marnie fail. It would be nice to see someone like us succeed, yes. But she’s pretty, and she happens to have a good voice — so of course she might definitely succeed. We’ll see where the writers take us. In terms of realistic, I liked the story line of the cute doorman hitting on Shosh. “I’ve seen you before..” he says. How many times has that happened! (They then make out — very un-Shosh like, and unrealistic if you ask me.)

SMASH had it’s best week yet. The opening number was the most entertaining broadway like moment in a while, and it was refreshing. It reminded me why I watched the show in the first place and actually sat down to watch. Usually I put it on and listen to it play as I do other things. Plus — Jack from WIll&Grace made an appearance! I want more..

I started watching THE FOLLOWING and was hooked from the beginning. Sad and scary but I am rooting for the good guys — yet intrigued by the these unpredictable serial killers. However, this week I felt things were a little out of character. Emma — Joey’s babysitter — questions a fellow “Follower” as to why he has a girl in a cage. Since when did she care who got hurt? She has always killed without question. It through me for a loop — yet made me also want to “root” for Emma and Joey. That is, until they arrived at the ever so creepy house of followers…

Finally, BONES. This week was the best episode in a while, dealing with child soldiers in Africa. I usually also just listen to this show rather than watch intently. But it touched on important history, emotions, PTSD and social justice issues that I really felt connected to. Good job Bones.

Finally, I caught up on 90210 — yes I watch this show. I have no explanation as to why I find it worthwhile, but it is very endearing. That being said, it’s ending this season and we are seeing the predictable happy endings of these good-looking characters come to an end. I have no more fear while watching that something bad will happen or some great big lie will be revealed. I am watching this knowing that the stories are transparent and everyone is trying till they succeed and take their journey into their “adulthood.” I still can’t believe they are all twenty years old. They should be around 25-30, which makes me angry. There’s no more pressure for the writers to keep throwing in things to build more seasons off of. It’s allowing stories to actually become happy and somewhat real.


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