Best Websites to Educate Your Soul

The Road to Inspiration

The Road to Inspiration

These organizations and websites are worth checking out, RIGHT NOW: 

Interesting and Diverse:

SoulPancake – Soul Pancake is the website I wish I created. Asking intellectual, stimulating questions to challenge your mind and thoughts daily. I often look to them for inspiration or a good message from the one and only Kid President. Plus, Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute, from The Office) created it. I bought his book. I subcribed to the numerous YouTube Channels. SoulPancake is “brain batter of art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humoris designed to open your mind, challenge your friends, and feel damn good.” (source: If you’re going to be on the web, have this website open. Always.

Charity that entertains:

Moolta Moolta is a “platform for creating and taking on challenges on video for prizes, cash or donations to charity.” (source: I recently challenged myself to perform a one-woman-flash-mob if $200 is raised for wikipedia. Come on, we all use wikipedia it’s about time we raise some money for it! The creators look like people I’d chill with. Based in Israel, what a great idea — challenging ourselves and friends to do fun crazy things for charity. Or just things we would do anyways… check out some of the charity videos people have made.

Social Action:

DoSomething DoSomething.Org is an inspiring Social Action for 13-25 year olds everywhere. Right now, according to their website they have 1,425,974 members and counting — who get their social action information and media fix daily. I subscribe to them on facebook for merely their inspirational stories.


Humans of New York – aka HONY. Perhaps you have heard of this tumblr account, and one of the top facebook pages, ever. I cannot say I am a little jealous of Brandon, the creator and photographer of Humans of New York, for his amazing work. And that all day he gets to roam the streets finding interesting sights and people. I am more grateful and appreciative of the stories, lives, and humans he has allowed me to meet and get to know. This site lets you in on all of the beautiful diversity we have around us. He also sometimes features other photographers and always has an interesting story to tell. His work lets you appreciate human beings and the colors they bring to this world. He is currently trying to raise money to send children to camp. 300 children, who really need it.

News: Best websites for News from around the world from bizarre to newsworthy:The Week.

And for blogs of course, WordPress. Love it.


What are some of the websites and organizations you check out daily? What do you recommend?


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