Too Much XOXO?

“We have become a nation of phonies. We love everyone. We don’t merely like them or respect them or hold then in some esteem. We love the, performers on the stage shout they love us. Politicians love us, acquaintances love us. We lack all formality, all distance; I do not want others to kiss me, which is starting to happen. I say goodbye and they pucker up. No! This is reserved for love and by love I mean real love, not the silly xoxo stuff that clutters the internet with false, saccharine intimacy and emotion. I want to shake hands. I don’t want to be hugged. I want degrees of intimacy, gradations, so I know where I stand and so, for that matter, will you.” Richard Cohen, The Washington Post — Taken from “The Week” Magazine.


Do you agree?


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2 Responses to Too Much XOXO?

  1. astrohelix says:

    Love is a word that has been lessened in its magnitude, decreased in its importance. It use to be such a bloody shock when a man or woman would work up the courage to say it to the other in a relationship, it used to be so powerfully mushy in a familial context that kids would get all embarrassed when a parent would shout it too loud near their friends. Now, it’s a common over-used modifier that serves only to suggest a broad range of positive feelings. The sensationalism of today’s media and every day interactions have driven individuals in our culture and those of other 1st world countries to search for more and more epic expressions to relate their feelings to others, and as this has happened, physical expression of these feelings have become more and more common. Evidence of this is the aforementioned commonality of hugs and kisses, but this also presents itself in less harmless ways. While war in the distant countries and in our movies and games becomes more and more common place, or at least more and more talked about, the uglier physical and verbal expressions of emotion are becoming more over used. Fists are flying amongst children more and more, though I do admit that it’s obsurd to suggest that bullies and fights at school were at any time a real rarity. While I am one of those people who loves hugs and is generally emotional to a fault, I agree that thins are getting out of hand. Escalation in terms of emotional showings and verbal expressions has not only made every-day-life a lot more uncomfortable for many of us who don’t want to snog every person we talk to, it has seeped into the very fabric of our entertainment culture and effectively ruined music and television (two things I “love” too much to see destroyed).

    I present this unreasonably long response as my way of saying “I TOTALLY get what you’re saying and I HATE it when people kiss me randomly and we’re SUPER on the same page here!”


    • inmyroots says:

      Your comment was better than my post!! Thank you for adding to this conversation. Much appreciated 🙂 I think love is important but respect and boundaries is very much needed to balance. 🙂

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