HATE. Regret. Where does it belong?

Here Comes The Sun (c) AWHave you ever wanted to tell someone how much you despise them?

I am not one to “hate.” I don’t. But there are a few people in my life, who have really made a difference. Not for the better — although that’s disputable because as we know, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”…right. I don’t hate because for the most part, I’ve had to move on and forgive them, give them the benefit of the doubt…I know I have done some stupid things in my life I wish I could apologize for…

If I could confront them about the horrible things they’ve done to me…would I?

Mostly I would like to publicly explain the affect they had on me or excuse my actions because of them. But would that change what’s happened? I am being so vague here to protect those who have hurt me. Honestly I can only think of 2-3 who I would want to corner in a small room and say hey, what the heck were you thinking and can you apologize?

I look back on some years of my life with regret and sadness. But if you met me, you’d never know. There are occasions I wish I could control, go back in time and change how I reacted — how I let people make fun of me to my face, date people I let slip by, tell them how much I cared, not date people…

We live and we learn, as my mom would say. But some people are unforgivable. Do they know?

As a human, I’ve grown to block out these events. And build upon my experiences. I think people can be incredibly loving, resilient and powerful. But what about when they let us down?

And to those who have hurt me, thank you?


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2 Responses to HATE. Regret. Where does it belong?

  1. annie says:

    I know. Pain..hurts. And when we feel out of control due to something or someone..blame is easy! We must learn to create our own umbrella in the rain and become the stronger person. Fair or unfair, the responsibility is on us to react and grow.

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