Why I Write

Why I Write.

I write because I feel I have something to offer the world. Because we have the right. Because I, unlike Anne Frank, will have the opportunity to grow and develop into a hopeful successful writer, with years to live. Because writing is often the path to self-discovery, and maybe someone else can relate, reflect, and grow.

Harper Faulker said it best: “I hate with a gut-burning, soul-searing never ending hatred, the strong trampling the weak. I hate the arrogance of those who place themselves in god-like positions over others. I hate that insidious nature of mankind that says because I am stronger; I can control you, use you, and even kill you.  And, if possible, I hate even more the people who can, but don’t stand up and say, “I will not let that happen!”

Writing is the least I can do right now. I hope to be like my father one day and change the world. (Harvey Wasserman) and keep my writing flourishing and meaningful.

Thank you Harper for the inspiration and refreshment.


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One Response to Why I Write

  1. I do like your writing. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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