Reasons To Love Your Dog

Chilling:Watch Dog.


Always on the look out.

When you get locked out at least you have company.

Photo Shoot!

They warm your bed for you…

Always keeping you company… Cute faces. Checking out who’s coming. Picking up after Hurricane Sandy. Shopping Before Sandy… THIS: Washing your shoes. And this… They get you coffee. They teach you yoga. Make you smile: Cones. Angelic. Stuffed animal doppelganger: They make you rebels: They act as pillows. They tuck you in to bed.They Can FaceTime…



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5 Responses to Reasons To Love Your Dog

  1. annie says:

    its like a little book of samson (and moshe)!

  2. Andrew Ocean says:

    I have two toy fox terriers, having lost a third just recently.
    One who can’t love dogs will not be seen at Torah study.
    I’m pretty sure Moses said this to Aaron.

    • inmyroots says:

      Aw. I love that! For sure Moshe said that to Aaron. They also protected the gates and didn’t bark when the Angels of death came. We must love our dogs. šŸ™‚ thanks for your support!

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