GIRLS. The episode.

Yes, we are all talking about GIRLS.

I love this show. At times it makes me cringe, close my eyes or even gag. I see its value. Life is hard. But GIRLS also is one of the only shows I can read like a good book and try and relate too. (My life is nothing like GIRLS, but similar are our underlying struggles)

What was up with this past week’s episode? It took a little bit to understand… it wasn’t the normal GIRLS episode you would expect. But gosh darn it—it hit the spot for so many…well, for me at least.

Hannah meets Joshua. He has come into her coffee shop (Grumpy’s) to complain about their garbage he’s found in his very own garbage cans. Hannah comes to confess it was her, and she admitted that she started to “like the way it felt,” when she put her garbage in his cans.

The message is simple: We GIRLS are fighting for so much out there. For ourselves, our careers, our future. Our ideas of who we want to be. Hannah was able to come to terms with her real desires as a human being. It’s not sexist, its truth. We want to be loved, feel beautiful, feel taken care of. This guy, “Joshua,” gave her all of that for a few hours. Love, reciprocated sexual desire, being taken care of when sick, and even entertained (naked ping pong…) Besides the fact that Joshua was well, really good looking — He had “stuff in his fridge.” He was comfortable. By the end even though we start to think he is “for real,” and genuine…he’s a fake. Hannah’s dream and feelings were realized: “Please don’t tell anyone this, but I wanna be happy.”

Then…it abruptly ended. Was it real? Was it a dream? Is this kind of life possible?

All I know is the show started exactly how it ended. Joshua didn’t want anyone else’s garbage in his cans. The moment Hannah got real with him, he turned off his nice guy switch. Everyone has baggage. He didn’t want share his or hear hers.

And so, Hannah grew a little taller.


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