The Macedo Twins: Michelle & Melissa

Twins. The constant struggle to be compared to someone who looks like you, overcome however — by the constant joy felt when you are with one other.

These twins are one of a kind. I met them while on my trip to LA this past weekend. Sweet, personable, and so talented. If these are all the people one finds in Hollywood — it must not be such a bad place after all.

Her and her twin are both pursuing acting and music careers. Michelle works for Maria Menounos, and has met almost every movie star or singer out there. I can tell you because I asked her about almost every single one. She shared with us the tricks of her trade, and let us in on some of the Hollywood secrets that we all like to pretend weren’t true. She even attended the Golden Globes and the after party. She has met everyone!

Here’s one of Michelle’s hit songs:


I asked myself this weekend, why are we all so enamored with these stars? And why can’t they all be like Michelle and Melissa Macedo? Just good people. Good, and talented. And amazing voices.

Find one of their CDs here: Flags and Boxes by Macedo

See them in the Pantene Pro-V Hero

Stuff people say to TWINS

Listen to them and know that beyond their incredible lyrics and beautiful melodies, they are good hearted interesting people. Famous, talented — and just like us. It’s like the better version of any star in Hollywood. We worship them because we like to live vicariously through their lives. The Macedo Sisters have shown us they can have the best of both worlds.

See more at:



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