The Friend Problem

In this day and age our community around us stays longer then expected, and branches out past people we actually still talk to daily. But how do we know when to stop trying?

1) Birthdays. Because of Facebook we magically remember everyone of our dear friends’ birthdays. It’s just insanity and the art of sending birthday cards and actually giving meaning to your special day is gone. Forever. Remember those people you deem important and call then on their birthday. Take the time to send a real card. But not if its a random “friend” you have on Facebook. That’s creepy.

2) Communication: The beauty of Facebook and the always present community is that we can reach out to others we may have forgotten years upon years ago if not for Facebook. A true friend will sit and Facebook chat with you for hours. But are they just entertaining themselves and distracting themselves from hell at work? The meaning of “friend” is now changed forever. Gchat is a step up from Facebook chat. But texting is more personal. Calling someone is like, “wow we must really be friends.”

3) Life events and unfamiliar faces: Okay Facebook is like a news source that automatically announces every cute new baby and everyone’s strong love and urge to get married or run the marathon. But if you can’t remember who these people are when they announce their news….how can we call them friends?

I tend to like many people’s statuses. I find solace in unbeknownst similarities and want to show support for putting themselves out there. Facebook has created micro communities on so many levels and changed the course of nature. For better and for worse. There’s a reason we move and loose touch with people. How do we know when to cut people out? But Facebook has also done a beautiful thing. Allowed life and experiences to be shared among strangers and “friends.”

Pick up the phone. Call your close friends and make sure your bond doesn’t result to a “Facebook friendship.” But maybe that’s where nature wants to take you.


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One Response to The Friend Problem

  1. Andrew says:

    Don’t be sad about it. You can change only your life or the life of your real friends. We can’t really improve the world we live in. It easy to say it, but “let it go”. The problem exists only in our mind. It will be better. God will help us.

    Ps: Sorry for my English. And.. Thank you for your post. I found out much for myself.

    Good wishes,

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