Numb yourself


It burns within me like an unquenched fire.

When I come home I kick off my shoes…and  I feel.

I feel emotions from the day, I feel sadness, exhaustion, growth. But when I turn on my computer I forget. I stare into the window of my “friends” lives, into TV stars I call my best friends and their lives which I can relate to. Except for the fact that everything in TV is overly exaggerated. And leads are beliefs astray. But they are there to numb. Everything.

I yearn for their presence. There stories. Their jokes.

Their life is mine. All of them. And my life isn’t so hard anymore. No emotions that I directly have to deal with. No pain. No confusion. No carrying the weight of everyone and everything.

It’s good to process, and that’s what the written word is for.  I can express so much emotion in a few words.

I just hope I get them right.





About inmyroots

Aspiring Success.
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