Left in the Dark in Zero Dark Thirty.

Well. I thought I was a good movie critic…but then I checked on rotten tomatoes and it revealed that Zero Dark Thirty rated around 95%. It’s not that it was a bad movie…it just wasn’t all it was made out to be. I felt left in the dark.

I am a huge Jessica Chastain fan. I loved her in Tree of Life and in The Help. It’s not like she didn’t play her part well, but her role was lacking in depth and character. I didn’t feel her. She didn’t draw me in. I enjoyed the movie, and was thankful for more of the backstory leading up to catching Osama Bin Ladin, but where were the details we all hoped for? The explanation of how one thing led to another? The audience was left to code this new language of names and pieces by themselves, and eventually put it all together equating to finding Osama Bin Ladin.

It may be because I am an avid Homeland fan, where the audience is usually kept in the know, on edge, figuring out the puzzles at hand and very connected emotionally to their characters. That’s why it’s fun to watch.

Here, I was left with assumed heartfelt relationships and things left unsaid.

Jessica’s character looked tired, drained, and from what we know because of the length of time passed in the movie, this was her passion. I just wanted to feel more…and know more. That is probably what a CIA agent was actually like. Seemingly hollow, driven and hard to read. Unemotional. She did a great job with that, I just wish the writers put in a little…more.

It was a good movie. An important one to say the least. Of course I see the value in the story, and the brilliant way it was written chronologically and connecting one terrorist attack to another. It must be a challenge to have a movie so well made in one aspect, it’s only fair that it lacked in another.

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