The Memory Card

I have posted many photos, and not included myself (unless there was some photographic element). Here am I, in France, enjoying the sweet sun and the beautiful surroundings.

I almost lost it in France, actually. I had my Canon PowerShot G10 and was in the bathroom, taking out the memory card for some reason and…whoops….

It stopped, dead in it’s tracks teetering. It hit at an angle where one side was long enough to hold up the other. I took a tweezer and slowly tried to grasp the body of my memory card…DAMN! Down the sink it went. I was in shock.

It was late and my hosts were sleeping (I was lucky enough to stay with someone I knew…what chutzpah I had to ask! But it worked out okay.) I stayed up all night. My whole trip was on that card. My captures of the gorgeous land and sky and monuments and history! And future blog. What was I to do?? My trip was for nothing.

But alas, in the morning my friend’s husband opened the sink and in the bottleneck, my card was there among the hair and old toothpaste, mold and spit. I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Back in the camera it went. My pictures, memories, art — in tact.


Here I am, boldly trying to blend in with the sky.



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