Why would you ever get a dog??

It needs to be documented. As kid I ALWAYS wanted a puppy or a dog, but never actually thought I would have one. As it turns out having a dog changed my life.

Samson is a non-shedding Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. He is a medium-sized dog although some people think he’s “huge.”  He is friendly (overly friendly on occasion) and over the past months I have really taken to him. He can be very annoying sometimes, and like any animal you cannot always trust them. That is one thing that is important — people may come to think their pet is human and can control themselves. They are animals at the end of the day and while they can be very well-trained one must always be cautious.  The best part about Samson is I never feel lonely. I’ll be cooking or cleaning and he’s watching. When you have your own animal you tend to think they are adorable, why others may not. I don’t like all dogs, only a select few.

We got Samson one day while my husband said we were going to “look” at puppies. In his head he had already decided he was leaving with one…

Having a dog, at the end of the day, gives you something to love. Something to talk to that won’t talk back (like a silent Therapist.) At first you love them because they are so cute as a puppy, but then as they grow older your love grows too. Yes, they pee, poop, maybe drool, they can be annoying, but there’s something there you cannot explain…


  • You never feel lonely
  • You are forced to exercise regularly (for bigger dogs it’s a lot)
  • Dogs can work like anti-anxiety medication. This article explains this chain reaction: Happiness
  • You are introduced to a new feeling of love and meaning in your life
  • During the day you can leave your dog at home without a babysitter
  • You make new friends with people who have dogs, or like them
  • If you are married, it gives you a common passion and something to take care of together, which can be extremely positive
  • You can take some great photos
  • Dogs are playful, they can break the tension and make you forget hardship you may be enduring
  • You can relate to experiences of people who do have dogs on a different level
  • There’s NOTHING better than picking up hot steamy poop on a cold, cold day..
  • Economic doggy toys: socks, old shoes, bottles, rope..
  • Doggy farts are hilarious


  • If your pup gets hurt or sick it can be expensive, especially neutering or spaying
  • Training takes time, patience and effort
  • Some of your friends may feel uncomfortable with dogs
  • Finding someone to watch your dog for weekends or trips can be  stressful or expensive
  • Some people may be allergic
  • When they hit their “teenage” months, they may stop being potty trained and get more rambunctious for a while
  • Bathing, grooming, etc.
  • People who don’t have dogs have a hard time understanding what it feels like to have one
  • Doggy farts are stank.

More on Samson’s breed: Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

I am still pretty mad that my husband convinced us to get a dog, because I grew so attached to Samson and that couldn’t be reversed. Samson has played a huge role in our lives, and will continue to do so.

Samson as a puppy:SAMSUNG

Older Sam, sleeping.406797_10100551633538761_352523759_n


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