Petra, Jordan.

Petra, Jordan.

This excursion was ANYTHING but cheap. For both me and my travel partner it cost us $250 american dollars from Eilat, Israel. We were in Eilat and wanted to venture out to Jordan or Egypt, and this was the cheapest and shortest trip. We went with a body guard and tour guide, and a group of about 15-20. The price to enter Petra was included. We took a horse ride into Petra that was a total rip off and the Bedouin man who let us ride said it was “round trip,” however when we came out there was no memory of this promise.

Petra was beautiful, and so worth seeing this amazing wonder of the world. If you are Israeli remember your passport or you may not be allowed back in…Bring extra money for water. There is a currency exchange right after the border, but I would do the switch ahead of time not knowing what the exchange will be as you are forced to use their exchange rate. Bring a camera!

(C) Abbie Wasserman Photography

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