We are all guilty of it. Yet time and time again, we end up stuck in a pile of slush with nothing but wet sheepskin to keep our tootsies warm. The best heaters in New York City can’t dry them fast enough, it’s one of the saddest things seen in the midst of winter, and they are definitely not fashionable. However, whether the forecast predicts rain, shine, or snow, Stern College for Women (SCW) students do nothing but trust their Uggs. Unfortunately, as the weather turns slushy, students keep thinking “Today I will keep dry! Today my toes won’t stay numb! Today is the day that my Uggs will live up to their value and stay as comfortable and warm as they are in the warmer and drier season”. Despite high hopes, Uggs do nothing but disappoint.

It’s time that we let go of our dream, and put our Uggs away for the winter. (At least into our huge tote bags as we trudge through the snow in something more practical.) The Ugg problem is especially apparent to SCW students, who live among the slushy streets in Midtown. Clean roads are few and far between, so students have to be prepared for the walk to class. Even though Uggs are bought for the winter season, this is exactly when customers begin to become unsatisfied with their purchase.

As one wet-footed SCW senior explains, “Wearing Uggs is like walking on pillows. A drop of heaven.until the rain and snow comes.” Numerous students feel this way, but continue to sport the soggy shoes. The wet-stained Uggs fad will never change, even though they can never live up to the rain boot we want them to be! Everyday, that white crust is formed by the wet snow and dry salt and just continues to stain each boot unapologetically. And that chocolate brown color that they are loved for in the store turns into black after a storm. It is time to wake up and see that your feet deserve better!

If you are wondering “how will I live without that luscious warm fur?” or “why must I be bound to unflattering round toes and unshaped bootlegs?”, the answer is in every window on 34th Street. But before you hesitate about leaving your warm, comfy, oldUggs behind, just remember how they didn’t protect you when you chose them over the other ones. There is a place for Uggs, and Australia is NOT New York City!

Another student, Mollie Sharfman, can relate: “One time I put my Uggs on in the morning. and I felt like I was constantly walking in wet, drenched fur! My Uggs were worthless as soon as I stepped out into the snowy abyss.” Mollie is not alone; scattered wet-and-soggy-salt-stained Uggs scamper around campus every winter day.

Although there is a cure, it hardly helps matters. The steps for cleaning Uggsaccording to are to first to use cold water to lightly moisten the outside of the boots only- do not submerge them in water. The rest of the steps involve high caliber chemistry and sponge baths with cleaner. To finish the process, you must “stuff boots with newspapers” and hide from direct sunlight or they will shrink! Also, you must brush them and add baking powder, corn flower, or sweet oils if you want them looking and feeling their finest. Another option is following Ugg Australia’s advice and buying more of their products, specifically the Ugg cleaning brush and kit. Perhaps there is a better solution than buying more Ugg-made items

It is not too late to buy alternative winter boots this season. Tretorn and Hunter have great selections of colors and styles that will keep you dry and warm. The most important tip: buy rubber soles that are waterproof. This way you won’t have to worry about damaging your shoes or your reputation. Not only will your feet thank me later — so will your Uggs, your wallet and your boyfriend.

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