Les Mis

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First of all, see Les Mis. It is a work of art. It’s rugged, the singing is not always on key, but the movie exudes emotion history and love. Enjolras (Aaron Tveit) was incredible, although his part was small. He deserves  the first shout out because he really stood out among everyone. Marius, Eponine and Jean Val Jean although were up to par in acting and singing.  Everyone else was…alright. Javert was bearable, to say the least. The story kept mostly true to the play, and added a few minor details from the book (e.i. Gavroche delivers the note to JVJ). I was okay with Anne Hathaway’s performance of Fantine, and either people love her or hate her,  but I was not blown away by her performance. I was blown away by Hugh Jackman’s incredible acting, and Eddie Redmayne and Samantha Barks musical and acting performances. Also, Sacha Baron Cohen couldn’t have been more perfect. With Hugh Jackman, you felt that you understood JVJ in a new way. In the Broadway show, you feel connected to the characters but the movie truly adds a different dynamic to one’s imagination.

It wasn’t the same rich deep singing that you get in broadway; it was rugged, with sharp edges that kept you on your toes. After you got used to the “new” way of filming…it was golden. I saw it twice in theaters. The second time was more enjoyable for I was not looking for things to criticize. Javert lacked depth and the torment that you feel with his character, but he served his part. Both Cosette’s were well cast, however the little Cosette was perfect for the role. All I can say is thank HEAVENS that Taylor Swift was not chosen, and that Samantha Barks was given a chance because she really was amazing.

Well done Tom Hooper. What did you all think?


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4 Responses to Les Mis

  1. Also loved Enjolras. Always prefer the second half to the first due to all the political stuff, etc

  2. I disagree with you concerning Javert’s depth. I thought Crowe acted well, sang moderately. I saw his internal conflict, especially standing on the high ledge overlooking the city.
    I agree with your comment on Tom Hooper. (I loved The King’s Speech!) I think he’s a great director, and I look forward to seeing more from him. Les Mis was an excellent film, one that I’ll be buying.

    • inmyroots says:

      It could be seen both ways, I just think he could have added a little more. Thanks for your input! He did not do a terrible job I just was left wanting more..

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