2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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What is the most important thing I have learned this year?

1. Don’t do drugs.

2. Don’t ride motorcycles.

3. Your feelings are not facts. And your thoughts are not always true.

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The Rain

I feel it.

I feel my heart. Beating.

I feel it. My toes in the grass. All wet and dirty.

Life is..

What is it?

What is this life I live?

There are days I know, I know myself and I love my life. I am undoubtedly going where I want to go. Where I am…supposed to go.

And then I am hit. With the rain.

And.. I just. Don’t. Know.

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Twenty Seven Years

At 11:21 — I turn 27.

As I get older, I remember how far we have come. I still say we, Annie.

Heartbreaks, struggles, friendships, life, travels near and far, bad choices, saying the wrong things, regret, joy, love, emotion, hurt, pain, being a role model, needing a role model, embarrassment, skinny, fat, car accidents, parties, flirting, dancing, dancing, hugs, tears, untethered emotions, laughter, struggle, money, boredom, trouble, traffic, honesty, truth, lies, self-hate, self-love, ache, choices, choices…confusion. Living and reliving every painfuljoy of every fleeting moment…Wishing some would linger and some would vanish forever.

It’s all apart of life. Some of my memories are hard and difficult, but now I am so happy it happened. It’s apart of me.

Relationships. Our lives are made up of experiences with one another, and with ourselves. We live in world of relationships. Hasn’t facebook proved that for us?

So be kind to yourself. And to those around you.

It’s harder said then done when I myself am my own worst critic. I hate to see myself grow old — as I am trying to embrace it. How do we come to terms with time travel — moving forward…and change? Self-honesty, self awareness. Everything I have, is built on my relationships and my past. Everyday we must learn to love ourselves..

At the end of each year, we grow older, we grow taller, and we never stay the same.

Life is….




And I say this while posting two photos of myself that I like…I should show you the less flattering ones…

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Art in Hand – 10 iPhone Photos to Blow your mind

These are all taken on my way into work every morning. With my…iphone!

It’s not about the gear you have, it’s about the vision, the light, and how you frame everything. That goes for these photos, too!


Which is your favorite?

1. Rockphoto (13)

2. Waking upJust3. Lightslights4. Mud
Geese feet5  Delightphoto (15)

6. Snow fallphoto (16)7. TerrainThe Rusty Terrain

8. Fire

photo (17)

9: Defrostphoto (14)10. Morning Gloryphoto (11)

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my father’s birthday and the end of year 2013. Pretty “rad,” as he might say.

califedited-35As he is a writer himself this is my gift to him! While it’s not published in the Huffington Post or New York Times like his articles, this is my Ode to Harvey. Thank G-d he is alive and well, but this is for him! We often write about those who are gone. But let’s celebrate this man!

Harvey Wasserman was born in 1945. That year to me symbolizes the end of a war and beginning of a future for so many people. I always wonder what it was like after the war ended. You lived through the 60s and spoke at Woodstock. How cool. His life consisted of ACTUAL movement. The Beatles. FBI Raids. Communes, farms, Ben and Jerry’s, MUSE concerts, tearing down power plants. Hugging trees, yes, we did. With a bracha (prayer) 🙂

Back to the topic at hand. If you have ever met my father you might be left with a hug, some food and some extra historical knowledge. Most of all he would leave you with an affirmation of how great you were and what good things people are doing for the world that is crumbling around us.

We are so proud of our father who is saving the world with merely words. Who writes what he believes in. He always says “Hello,” to everyone he passes on the street. My father always recycles and tries to savior everything the world will have for his future generations and THE future of the humans for years to come.

My father is a hero. What would he want for his birthday? Nothing. Maybe some salad. The end to world hunger, and the end of nuclear power. Just for you to be happy.

I know he says that my 4 sisters and I make him proud but we know we are so proud to be his daughters. He stays up night after night editing his articles that will reach so many people and perhaps, just maybe — change their view and open their eyes. Slowly but surely. He speaks without embarrassment and he has pure chutzpah to know what’s right and to say it out LOUD. Oh yeah — and he takes us to his classes to learn our Bill of Rights. He let us travel the world. He encourages us to live as we wish. He got hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition to shut down Fukushima! And he does not get paid for this…

Everyone always asks me what it was like to have a hippy dad. A Buddhist dad. A famous father. Well, let’s just say we are all pretty well rounded and have been to many types of farms, museums and beaches in our day. And gave us a pretty awesome childhood. And we have met and know pretty awesome people…

I attribute my devotion to people and doing what’s right to you, Dad, and my Mom. You are two very honest and good people who go above and beyond to remain that way.

For your birthday we should all do three things today while Celebrating the New Year and in year 2014 for that matter.

1. Remember to turn off the light if we are not using them.

2. Say hi to a stranger on the street.

3. If something upsets you, if you find something worth fighting for… stand up and fight!

One person can make a world of difference and he is living proof..

What will you do in 2014?

Happy Birthday Dad! I think you turn 68 today.







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Love in the time of fall



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Haunted Summers

Some things will always haunt you.

No matter where you run, no matter how tight you close your eyes. The pain throbs on…

This is one of my first summers I am doing what I love. Photography.

I feel its a brilliant mix of social work and art, the creative side of me and the helping, healing, people pleasing side. I really love it and I hope to give people pictures they love too.

But summer always brings memories. Some good, some bad. Many troubled. In my adolescence I feel I made myself love summer at camp. But looking back I sort of hated it. I of course may be remembering all the bad parts. The tears, the inside pain, the mean boys and girls. I think however, I was considered “popular,” but now all I remember is confusion which leads me to regret my time there. I had love. I had secret love. I had shame. I undoubtedly grew in my time there…but at what cost? I made friends who are like sisters and brothers to me..but I also created scabs and wounds which are sensitive to the touch.

Who would I be without the 10 summers I spent there?

I try not to look into the past but sometimes it comes to haunt us. Because in all honesty our past is who we are. Our roots..

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The Truth…

There are always things that will come up but sometimes you just got to let the magic happen. In the past — just like in a moment of crisis — things are felt, heard and recognized.

These past few weeks I have been distracted from feeling the magic of blogging so to speak. I have been involved with life (and learning how to use twitter when I am “doing other things”). I want to write. But what happens when you have seemingly said what you needed to say?

Here are some topics that have come up:

Cancer really really sucks.
Because I am surrounded by it I feel it is inevitable against better judgement. I still prepare mentally.
People waiting for me to say I am married because they cannot tell.
People still thinking my hair is a wig (awesome compliment)
Blogs that make you want to punch someone but since you know them you must stay silent.
Ensuring that in your work you do not turn numb or on auto pilot. Every person counts and has their own story.
Family matters are ALWAYS interesting to me I wish I could write more anonymously about them because they apply to everyone…
And the new found pressures of being a photographer. I call myself a photophilosopher.

Also, I constantly wonder if I would be something else without the world of blog, Facebook, etc.

Am I trying to grow and educate others or trying to distract myself with this hobby and self-proclaimed job of sharing what others won’t?

Why do I not value privacy in the way that I should? I have to hold back most of the time. But am I right in thinking that because I am going through something — other people could most likely relate and value my words?

Ay, there’s the rub.


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My New Business

My New Business

Created out of love of photography 🙂 Please come by for a visit.

I love what wordpress has allowed me to do. I am learning so much, and will post about it soon!

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